Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.3.0
A struct that describes rate and the unit being used.
Member Type Description
rate long The rate. This field may be easier to use than rate64, and can be used in most situations (though some clients may find rate64 easier to use). A typical use, on .set., might express 10G as 10 in rate and RATE_GBPS in unit, and use64 false. This value may be an approximation if returned in a .get. method; if so, then use64 will be set. For example, if the true value is 10,000,500,500, then on .get., rate would be 10000500, unit KBPS, use64 true, and rate64 representing the true number as high and low halves in the standard ULong64 way.
unit UnitType The unit the rate is expressed in. This setting affects only rate and never rate64.
use64 boolean A Boolean that requests to use ULong64 to set the rate, or signals that the rate64 field holds the true rate, on .get. Some methods do not support this field. Please refer to method definitions.
rate64 ULong64 The rate expressed as ULong64, in bits per second (used if use64 is true on .set., always filled in on .get.). Some methods do not support this field. Please refer to method definitions.

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