Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.0.0
The Device interface contains the methods for creating and manipulating device objects. Device objects are representations of devices in the current trust domain (including self) that are used in device groups and logical devices.


Method Description Introduced
create Creates devices BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_active_modules Gets the licensed active BIG-IP modules BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_base_mac_address Gets the base MAC Address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_blade_addresses Gets the blade address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_build Gets the build number BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_cert Gets the name of the certificate object for the given device. BIG-IP_v11.5.0
get_chassis_id Gets the chassis id BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_chassis_type Gets the chassis type (if the device is a viprion or a individual device) BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_comment Gets the comment BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_configsync_address Gets the configsync IP address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_contact Gets the contact BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_description Gets the description BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_edition Gets the edition BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_failover_state Gets the failover state BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_ha_capacity Gets the HA capacity for the specified devices. BIG-IP_v11.4.0
get_hostname Gets the hostname BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_inactive_modules Gets the licensed, but inactive BIG-IP modules BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_list Gets a list of all devices BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_local_device Gets the device object for the local device (self) BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_location Gets the location BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_management_address Gets the management address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_marketing_name Gets the marketing name for the platform BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_multicast_address Gets the multicast address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_optional_modules Gets the unlicensed, optional BIG-IP modules for the device BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_platform_id Gets the platform id BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_primary_mirror_address Gets the primary mirror IP address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_product Gets the product name BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_secondary_mirror_address Gets the secondary mirror IP address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_software_version Gets the software version BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_timelimited_modules gets the timelimited BIG-IP modules that have been temporarily licensed BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_timezone Gets the timezone BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_unicast_addresses Gets the unicast addresses BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_version Gets the interface version BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_comment Sets the comment BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_configsync_address Sets the configsync IP address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_contact Sets the contact BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_description Sets the description BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_ha_capacity Sets the HA capacity for the specified devices. The HA capacity has a value between 0 and 100000 inclusive. It is used to spread the load of the traffic groups among the devices. BIG-IP_v11.4.0
set_location Sets the location BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_management_address Sets the management IP address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_multicast_address Sets the multicast address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_primary_mirror_address Sets the primary mirror IP address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_secondary_mirror_address Sets the secondary mirror IP address BIG-IP_v11.0.0
set_unicast_addresses Sets the unicast addresses BIG-IP_v11.0.0





A struct that describes a multicast address


A struct that describes a unicast address


Enumeration Description
ChassisVersion A enum of chassis version types


Exception Description


Constant Type Value Description


Alias Type Description
ChassisVersionSequence ChassisVersion [] A sequence of ChasssisVersions
MulticastAddressSequence MulticastAddress [] A sequence of multicast addresses
UnicastAddressSequence UnicastAddress [] A sequence of unicast addresses
UnicastAddressSequenceSequence UnicastAddress [] [] A sequence of unicast address sequences

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