Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.4.0
The DoS Device interface enables you to manipulate a DoS Device. Use this interface to mitigate Denial of Service (DoS) attacks for the entire device. The DoS Device interface consists of DoS Device Vectors that have an effect across the entire device. DoS Device both detects attacks and drops packets in response to those attacks. The detection parameters and the drop parameter are set on a per vector basis. To set an attribute of a single vector to infinite, you must set the value to -1 (4294967295 unsigned). To entirely turn off both detection and dropping of packets for a single vector, set the value of all 3 attributes to -1. There is only one DoS Device for the entire system, called “dos-device-config”. Please supply this key to all methods requiring the “devices” argument. The DoS Device Vectors are built in to “dos-device-config”; they cannot be added or removed.






A struct that describes statistics for a particular DoS Device.


A struct that describes Vector statistics and timestamp.


Enumeration Description
DoSDeviceVector A list of DoS vectors for use in a DoS Device.
DoSNetworkVectorPacketType A list of packet types that will be used to qualify incoming packets as sweep (single endpoint initiates attacking traffic to a large number of recieving endpoints) or flood (many endpoints initiate attacking traffic to a single recieving endpoint) DOS attack.


Exception Description


Constant Type Value Description


Alias Type Description
DoSDeviceVectorSequence DoSDeviceVector [] A sequence of DoS Device Vectors.
DoSDeviceVectorSequenceSequence DoSDeviceVector [] [] A sequence of sequence of DoS Device Vectors.
DoSNetworkVectorPacketTypeSequence DoSNetworkVectorPacketType [] A sequence of DoS network vector packet types.
DoSNetworkVectorPacketTypeSequenceSequence DoSNetworkVectorPacketType [] [] A sequence of sequence of DoS network vector packet types.
DoSNetworkVectorPacketTypeSequenceSequenceSequence DoSNetworkVectorPacketType [] [] [] A sequence of sequence of sequence of DoS network vector packet types.
VectorStatisticEntrySequence VectorStatisticEntry [] A sequence of Vector statistics.
VectorStatisticsSequence VectorStatistics [] An alias for a sequence of Vector statistics.

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