Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.5.0
The IPIntelligenceGlobalPolicy interface enables you to set a global IP Intelligence policy. The global IP intelligence policy is applied to all the packets before route domain&aposs and/or virtual server&aposs IP Intelligence policies. There is only one IP intelligence global policy for the entire system, called “/Common/global-dwbl-container”. Please supply this key to all methods requiring the “global_policies” argument.


Method Description Introduced
get_description Gets the descriptions for the specified global policies. BIG-IP_v11.5.0
get_list Gets a list of all global policies. The IP intelligence policy contents/filters are applied to all packets except those going through the management interface. They are applied first, before any firewall rules for the packet&aposs virtual server and route domain. BIG-IP_v11.5.0
get_policy Gets the policies for the specified global policies. BIG-IP_v11.5.0
get_version Gets the version information for this interface. BIG-IP_v11.5.0
set_description Sets the descriptions for the specified global policies. This is an arbitrary field which can be used for any purpose. BIG-IP_v11.5.0
set_policy Sets the policies for the specified global policies. Specifies an existing IP intelligence policy. Policy contents are enforced at a global level. BIG-IP_v11.5.0


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