Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.0.0
The High Availability (HA) status table is a one-stop destination to retrieve the current status of the high availability features on either the current system or its redundant peer system. The table holds an entry for each feature active on the system. It is important to note that this table can only be read. Enabling and controlling these features is possible through other interfaces, as documented in the Feature enumeration values.


Method Description Introduced
get_entry Gets the identifiers of all table entries for a set of High Availability status tables BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_entry_action Gets the action that should be taken when the “action required” state is set for a set of table entries. BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_entry_action_required_state Gets the state to take action to resolve the high availability feature failure for a set of table entries. For example, if the VLAN failsafe feature determined that the VLAN had failed, it would set this to yes, which would cause the daemon to execute the action assigned to the feature, such as rebooting the system. BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_entry_data Gets the feature-specific data for a set of table entries. The meaning of this value varies according to the feature. For daemon heartbeats, for example, this value shows the daemon&aposs current heartbeat value. This is documented with the feature enumeration values. BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_entry_enabled_state Gets the state to enable the high availability feature for a set of table entries. BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_entry_failure_state Gets the state to signal a high availability failure for a set of table entries. For a properly fully functioning system, no feature should set “failure”. Thus retrieving a list of features with this flag set will quickly show any high availability problems on the system. BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_entry_timeout Gets the timeout for a set of table entries. The precise meaning of this value varies according to the feature, but in general, it is the elapsed time between when the feature&aposs error state is detected and when the corresponding action is taken. BIG-IP_v11.0.0
get_version Gets the version information for this interface. BIG-IP_v11.0.0





Identifier for the table entry


Enumeration Description
Feature High availability feature. Each high availability feature represents a failure state. The documentation for each feature also includes a description of the feature key (if any) and client data (ditto).


Exception Description


Constant Type Value Description


Alias Type Description
EntryIDSequence EntryID [] Sequence of EntryID values
EntryIDSequenceSequence EntryID [] [] Sequence of EntryID value sequences
FeatureSequence Feature [] Sequence of Feature values
FeatureSequenceSequence Feature [] [] Sequence of Feature value sequences

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