This command allows you to set or add an app name to the classification.
Note that this command will only be effective with UDP and TCP traffic, as all other IP protocols are classified before any iRule events fire.
Note: the Policy Enforcement Manager license is required for functionality to work.


CLASSIFY::application set <app_name>
CLASSIFY::application add <app_name>

CLASSIFY::application set <app_name>

  • will immediately classify flow as app_name. The classification by the classification engine will be bypassed. The

category classification token this app_name belongs to will also be attached.

CLASSIFY::application add <app_name>

  • adds an application classification token to the final classification result issued by the classification engine. This can be

issued multiple times in order to add multiple tokens to the classification result.
Note: set/add commands will have no effect if fired after the flow has been classified.