Send data via High Speed Logging


HSL::send <handle> <data>

HSL::send <handle> <data>

  • Sends the specified data via High Speed Logging. The handle must have been previously created with HSL::open. Note that the BIG-IP does not specifically format the data in any way, it just passes it on to the server.
  • Returns 1 if the specified data has been sent and 0 otherwise.


   set hsl [HSL::open -proto UDP -pool syslog_server_pool]
   # Log HTTP request as local7.info; see RFC 3164 Section 4.1.1 - "PRI Part" for more info
   HSL::send $hsl "<190> [IP::local_addr] [HTTP::uri]\n"


Note that a specific pool member cannot be specified. Pool members are selected based on the algorithm of the pool.
For TCP pool members there is no way to limit or control the number of TCP connections opened to the target pool members. This can result in many connections.
Log messages are not guaranteed to arrive in the same order as they were generated.
HSL::send will not work if the publisher is configured with some formatted destinations like arcsight or splunk. If the log server expects CEF or Splunk formatted messages, the iRule should craft the data the way the server expects it to be formatted and send to a publisher configured with an unformatted destination, such as remote-high-speed-log.

Table of syslog facilities, severities and the corresponding codes

local0.emergency 128
local0.alert 129
local0.critical 130
local0.error 131
local0.warning 132
local0.notice 133
local0.info 134
local0.debug 135
local1.emergency 136
local1.alert 137
local1.critical 138
local1.error 139
local1.warning 140
local1.notice 141
local1.info 142
local1.debug 143
local2.emergency 144
local2.alert 145
local2.critical 146
local2.error 147
local2.warning 148
local2.notice 149
local2.info 150
local2.debug 151
local3.emergency 152
local3.alert 153
local3.critical 154
local3.error 155
local3.warning 156
local3.notice 157
local3.info 158
local3.debug 159
local4.emergency 160
local4.alert 161
local4.critical 162
local4.error 163
local4.warning 164
local4.notice 165
local4.info 166
local4.debug 167
local5.emergency 168
local5.alert 169
local5.critical 170
local5.error 171
local5.warning 172
local5.notice 173
local5.info 174
local5.debug 175
local6.emergency 176
local6.alert 177
local6.critical 178
local6.error 179
local6.warning 180
local6.notice 181
local6.info 182
local6.debug 183
local7.emergency 184
local7.alert 185
local7.critical 186
local7.error 187
local7.warning 188
local7.notice 189
local7.info 190
local7.debug 191

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