This command sends data on an existing sideband connection (established with connect). It is one of several commands that make up the ability to create sideband connections from iRules.


send [-status <varname>] [-timeout <ms>] <connection> <data>

Sends data on a specified sideband connection, and returns an integer representing the amount of data that was sent.


  • <connection> is the connection identifier returned from connect

  • <data> is the data to send

  • -timeout ms specifies the amount of time to wait for the data to be sent. The default is an immediate timeout.

  • -status varname will save the result of the send command into


    . The possible status values are:

    1. sent - the data was sent successfully
    2. timeout - the specified timeout has occurred
    3. closed - the sideband connection has closed
    4. busy - the local TCP refused to accept the data

Note: The
command may also raise a TCL error if the sideband connection was already closed. If a TCL error is raised, the status variable may be unset.


# Save some data to send
set data "GET /mypage/myindex2.html HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n"

# Send the data with a 1000ms timeout on the connection identifier received from the connect command
set send_bytes [send -timeout 1000 -status send_status $conn_id $data]

# Log the number of bytes sent and the send status
log local0. "Sent $send_bytes with status $send_status"