iRules commands and events for working with sideband connections. With this functionality you can create a connection (TCP or UDP) to any outside resource you choose, send a custom formatted request, await a response if applicable, act on that response, etc.
(Sideband connections are analogous to TCP or UDP sockets. To use a higher-layer protocol such as IMAP you must suitably format and parse the data you send and receive via sideband. An iRules library proc which handles HTTP(S) over sideband for you is available as the HTTP Super SIDEBAND Requestor.)


  • close - Closes an existing sideband connection
  • connect - Establishes a sideband connection
  • connect info - Returns a Tcl list of the specified information
  • recv - Receives data from a given sideband connection
  • send - Sends data on an existing sideband connection