KVM: Hygon x86 CPU requirements

F5 has confirmed support for the Hygon x86 CPU in an KVM hypervisor. Hygon x86 CPU is a licensed x86 CPU variant of AMD Zen core architecture. Servers based on this CPU architecture can operate a Linux OS, similar to other x86 servers. The following topic describes the system setup used to determine compatibility with BIG-IP VE v15.1.X.

CPU model

The following describes the Hygon C86 3250 CPU model used to confirm compatibility; however, F5 VM v15.1.X is compatible with running on any Hygon x86-powered server.


Compatible components include the following:

NIC cards F5 Drivers
Intel I350 10G virtIO - a virtual 10G NIC drive
Intel X710 40G ixvf - a SR-IOV VF driver for X710-based virtual functions

For details about how to configure SR-IOV on your KVM hypervisor and expose the VF to a VM, consult the Intel website.

Linux OS with KVM software

The following describes the software in the setup used to confirm compatibility:

  • Centos 7.9.2009
  • qemu-kvm
  • libvirt
  • libvirt-python
  • libguestfs-tools
  • virt-install
  • virt-manager