Last updated on: 2024-05-21 03:14:07.

Change the NIC used for BIG-IP VE management

By default, management traffic goes through the eth0 NIC and data traffic goes through the other available NICs.

If you need to use eth0 for data traffic, you can change the NIC that management traffic goes through.

  1. Use SSH to connect to BIG-IP VE.
  2. If you need to determine which NICs are available, stop TMM by typing bigstart stop tmm. Then type ip addr to view the list of available NICs.
  3. Change the management NIC by typing tmsh modify sys db provision.managementeth value eth1 where eth1 is the NIC you want to use for management. You can use any available NIC.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Reboot BIG-IP VE by typing reboot and then pressing Enter.

When BIG-IP VE is running again, you can use eth0 for data.