Last updated on: 2023-03-24 03:26:20.

Performance testing best practicesΒΆ

When performance testing BIG-IP VE, use an external iPerf Server and iPerf Client with BIG-IP-VE in the middle.


F5 recommends using iPerf 2.0.5 or iPerf 2.0.8.

  1. Download the appropriate iPerf 2.0.8 - RPM package (or iPerf 2.0.5) at:

  2. Use Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) to get the file onto the machine:

    sudo yum install iperf-2.0.8-2.fc23.x86_64.rpm -y

  3. On the server, run the following command (inserting your port used):

    iperf -s -p [port]


    iperf -s -p 5213
  4. On the client run the following command (inserting your server IP address and port used):

    iperf -t 30 -i 10 -c [server_ip] -P 16 -p [port] -w [payload_size]


    iperf -t 30 -i 10 -c -P 16 -p 5213 -w 128MB

    This test will run for 30 seconds with 16 sessions, and a 128M payload.

You can run both iPerf3 and iPerf2 on the same system, but the client/server must be compatible.

So, iPerf3 -> iPerf3 and iPerf2 -> iPerf2.

For CLI:

  • To execute iPerf3, you can use iperf3 -s -p

  • To execute iPerf2, you can use iperf -s -p


    Notice that the command for iPerf2 is just iperf and NOT iperf2.

Consult the iPerf web site for changes between iPerf 2.0 and iPerf 3.0/iPerf 3.1.