Last updated on: June 17 2024.


%%{init: {'theme': 'f5-sphinx-theme', "flowchart" : { 'defaultRenderer': 'elk' } } }%% flowchart TD style PD stroke:#0f0 style FIN stroke:#f00 PD((<a href='gather_problem_description.html'>Gather Problem\nDescription</a>)) PD-A{Is tunnel state\nup and stable?} KIS[<a href=''>Check for known issues</a>] FIN((Keep the car,\ngo home)) TWS-A(<a href='isakmp_sa_view.html'>Check ISAKMP SAs</a>) TWS-B{Are ISAKMP SAs\nup and stable?} TWS-C(<a href='ipsec_sa_view.html'>Check IPsec SAs</a>) TWS-E>ISAKMP SA\nnegotiation problems] TWS-F{Are IPsec SAs\nup and stable?} TWS-G>IPsec SA\nnegotiation problems] TWS-H(<a href='about_ipsec_tunnels.html'>Review IPsec\nconfiguration</a>) NTT-S>Problem is with\ntraffic over the tunnel] NTT-A(<a href='traffic-selector_view.html'>Check selectors</a>) NTT-B{Are counters\nincrementing?} NTT-D(<a href='traffic-selector_config.html'>Check selector config</a>) NTT-F(<a href='general_config.html'>Check general\nconfiguration</a>) NTT-G(<a href='virtual-server_config.html'>Check Virtual\nServer config </a>) NTT-H{Found the\nproblem?} DEB-A(<a href='enable_debug.html'>Enable Debug</a>) LOG-A(Check <a href='ikev1_log_info.html'>IKEv1</a> or <a href='ikev2_log_info.html'>IKEv2</a> logs) PCP-A(<a href='packet_capture.html'>Capture packets</a>) RES-A>There could be multiple\nproblems to fix] RES-B{Was any problem\nfound and resolved?} RES-C(<a href=''>Contact Support</a>) PD -->PD-A PD-A -- No or unsure --> TWS-A TWS-A --> TWS-B TWS-B -- Yes --> TWS-C TWS-B -- No --> TWS-E TWS-E --> TWS-H TWS-C --> TWS-F TWS-F -- No --> TWS-G TWS-F -- Yes --> TWS-H TWS-G --> TWS-H TWS-H <--> DEB-A DEB-A --> LOG-A LOG-A --> PCP-A PCP-A --> KIS PD-A -- Yes --> NTT-S NTT-S --> NTT-A NTT-A --> NTT-B NTT-B -- Yes --> NTT-G NTT-B -- No --> NTT-D NTT-D --> NTT-G NTT-G --> NTT-F NTT-F <--> DEB-A KIS --> NTT-H NTT-H -- No --> RES-A NTT-H -- Yes --> FIN RES-A --> RES-B RES-B -- Yes --> PD RES-B -- No --> RES-C