What’s in the BIG-IQ 5.4 and earlier versions?

Unless stated otherwise in the documentation, the BIG-IQ APIs can be used with BIG-IQ version 6.0.1

BIG-IQ 5.4

  • Adds service catalog
  • Enhances TACACS, RADIUS, and LDAP authentication
  • Extends Fraud Protection Service daily alerts
  • Enhances Firewall rules

BIG-IQ 5.3

  • Enhances iHealth integration.
  • Improves DNS visibility and reporting.
  • Adds centralized health checks before and after a software upgrade
  • Adds support for TACACS authentication
  • Supports single-nic configurations for devices managed in the cloud

BIG-IQ 5.2

  • Introduces data collection devices for statistics monitoring dashboards
  • Documents key API workflows
  • Adds SSL-Certificate Management
  • Enhances ability to deploy and restore a selected parts of a configuration
  • Adds a global search index
  • Adds more support from profiles and monitors

BIG-IQ 5.1

  • Adds iHealth reporting to BIG-IP
  • Adds functionality for support of DNS sync group monitoring
  • ADC for virtual devices get more monitors and profiles
  • Includes registration keys for licensing and re-purposes licensing for BIG-IP
  • Enhances audit logging to improve the visibility of change management

BIG-IQ 5.0

  • Introduces a more unified user experience for workflows
  • Adds manageability for all BIG-IP security components (Firewall, WAF, Access, Fraud Protection)
  • Improves stability and scale
  • Adds support for BIG-IP versions 12.0, 12.1
  • Extends licensing to manage pools of BIG-IPs