Access_Profile (object)

Configures an Access Profile

Properties (* = required):

name type(s) default allowed values description
class* string   “Access_Profile”  
enable boolean false true, false Apply the profile after updating it. If false (default), the system only updates the profile. Also note ‘ignoreChanges’.
ignoreChanges boolean false true, false If false (default), the system updates the profile in every AS3 declaration deployment. If true, AS3 creates the profile on first deployment, and leaves it untouched afterwards. However, if enable is set to true, the policy will be applied even if ignoreChanges is true
label string   “^[^x00-x1fx22#&*<>?x5b-x5d`x7f]*$” Optional friendly name for this object. Allows 0-64 chars, excluding a few likely to cause trouble with string searching, JS, TCL, or HTML
remark string   “^[^x00-x1fx22x5cx7f]*$” Arbitrary (brief) text pertaining to this object. Allows 0-64 chars, excluding only control characters, double-quote, and backslash. This is permissive enough that you should worry about XSS attacks
url*       The URL to pull the Access Profile from,Describes the URL to remote resource and optional parameters