Update or Revert Cloud Failover Extension

Update Cloud Failover Extension

When F5 releases a new version of Cloud Failover Extension, use the same procedure you used to initially install the RPM. For example, if you used the Configuration utility, when you click Import and then select the new RPM, the system recognizes you are upgrading Cloud Failover Extension.

Revert to a previous version of Cloud Failover Extension

If you need to revert to a previous version of Cloud Failover Extension, you must first remove the version of CFE that is already on your BIG-IP system:

On the BIG-IP user interface, click iApps > Package Management LX > f5-cloud-failover > Uninstall

After you uninstall, you can Download and Install Cloud Failover Extension for the version of CFE you want to use.


To provide feedback on Cloud Failover Extension or this documentation, you can file a GitHub Issue.