AS3 Integration with Terraform

You can use Terraform with AS3 for managing application-specific configurations on a BIG-IP system. AS3 uses a declarative model, meaning you provide a JSON declaration rather than a set of imperative commands. The declaration represents the configuration which AS3 is responsible for creating on a BIG-IP system. Terraform provides resources to configure AS3 declarative JSON on BIG-IP.


To use AS3 Extensions with Terraform, ensure you meet the following requirements: - The BIG-IP system is running software version 12.1.x or higher - The BIG-IP system has AS3 Extension version 3.10 or higher installed - You have a BIG-IP system user account with the Administrator role

Example Usage

resource "bigip_as3"  "as3-example" {
    as3_json = "${file("example.json")}"
    tenant_name = "as3"

Argument Reference

  • as3_json - (Required) Name of the Declarative AS3 JSON file
  • tenant_name - (Required) The partition name where the application services will be configured
  • example.json - Example of AS3 Declarative JSON
    "class": "AS3",
    "action": "deploy",
    "persist": true,
    "declaration": {
        "class": "ADC",
        "schemaVersion": "3.0.0",
        "id": "urn:uuid:33045210-3ab8-4636-9b2a-c98d22ab915d",
        "label": "Sample 1",
        "remark": "Simple HTTP application with RR pool",
        "as3": {
            "class": "Tenant",
            "A1": {
                "class": "Application",
                "template": "http",
                "serviceMain": {
                    "class": "Service_HTTP",
                    "virtualAddresses": [
                    "pool": "web_pool"
                "web_pool": {
                    "class": "Pool",
                    "monitors": [
                "members": [{
                    "servicePort": 80,
                    "serverAddresses": [

AS3 Installation

Use the following terraform provisioner to download AS3 RPM from GitHub and install the RPM on BIG-IP.

resource "null_resource" "install_as3" {

  provisioner "local-exec" {

     command = "./ x.x.x.x xxxx:xxxx"



You will need to pass BIG-IP and its credentials as an argument to the install script. This script is available in the examples section of AS3 in the Terraform repo.


AS3 tenants are BIG-IP administrative partitions used to group configurations that support specific AS3 applications. An AS3 application may support a network-based business application or system. AS3 tenants may also include resources shared by applications in other tenants.