F5 Orchestration Templates for OpenStack Heat

version 10.0.0

Release Notes

F5’s orchestration template library for OpenStack Heat (f5-openstack-heat) is a set of Heat Orchestration Templates (HOT) that let you deploy and/or configure a BIG-IP device/cluster from your OpenStack cloud.


See the F5 Integration for OpenStack Heat user documentation.

Heat Orchestration Template index

The f5-openstack-heat template library contains two groups of Heat orchestration templates: F5-supported and Unsupported.

Unsupported Heat templates

The Heat orchestration templates below are not supported by F5. Use at your own risk.


Each of the F5 Heat orchestration templates accepts a specific set of inputs, as described in the documentation for each template. [1]


the unsupported template library includes the following templates that set up the required BIG-IP security groups:

F5 Plugins for OpenStack Heat

Many of the F5-supported Heat templates require the F5 Plugins for OpenStack Heat. See the F5 Heat plugins documentation for installation instructions.


[1]F5-supported Heat orchestration templates only; unsupported templates are not documented.