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The F5 CLI provides a command-line interface (CLI) to various F5 products and services. It focuses primarily on facilitating the consumption of our most popular APIs and services, currently including BIG-IP (via Automation Tool Chain) and F5 Cloud Services.

Similar to popular cloud shells (AWS CLI, Azure CLI, Google gcloud), it is built on a python client library. For those looking to write custom automation scripts or workloads, you may choose to leverage the same python library it is built on:



  • Quickly access and consume F5’s APIs and Services with familiar remote CLI UX
  • Configurable settings
  • Include common actions in Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines
  • Prototyping
    • Test calls that may be used in more complex custom integrations using the underlying SDK
    • Supports discovery activities/querying of command-line results (for example, “list accounts” to find the desired account which will be used as an input to final automation)
  • Support quick one-off automation activities (for example, leveraging a bash loop to create/delete large lists of objects)

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