1.2. What’s new in SSL Orchestrator?

SSL Orchestrator 7 adds the following new features:

  • TLS 1.3 full proxy support for inbound and outbound flows - SSL Orchestrator 6.0 included TLS 1.3 support for inbound (reverse proxy). SSL Orchestrator now supports TLS 1.3 for outbound (forward proxy).

  • Contextual security policies - Previous versions of SSL Orchestrator made no distinction between inbound and outbound flows for security policies, allowing inconsistent rule options to adversely affect traffic. SSL Orchestrator 7.1 now creates separate inbound and outbound security policy types.

  • Access to full IP Intelligence categories - SSL Orchestrator provides enhanced access within the security policy to select specific IP Intelligence categories. Previous versions only allowed configuration options of ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

  • Update fix to URL category lookup when URLDB/SWG not provisioned - SSL Orchestrator now correctly only queries custom URL categories if URLDB and/or SWG are not provisioned.

  • Update fix to URL category lookup for custom categories - SSL Orchestrator now correctly queries the categories directly based on http:// and https:// schemes. Previous versions only matched https:// URLs.

  • Update fix to inline service load balancing - SSL Orchestrator now correctly load balances inline services when port remapping is enabled.

  • Strict Updates and modification enhancements - In previous versions when the strict-updates property was disabled on a configuration object, that object would become read-only in the SSL Orchestrator UI. In SSL Orchestrator 7.1, for most object types, strictness can be disabled, and the object remains editable in the SSL Orchestrator UI. If any changes are made to the objects outside of the SSL Orchestrator UI, deployment provides an option to keep those non-strict changes or overwrite.

  • New HA Status UI - The HA Status UI provides a graphical view of HA state applicable to SSL Orchestrator, including Gossip and Echo state.

  • Several user interface, HA and upgrade stability enhancements - This SSL Orchestrator version is mainly targeted at stability improvements, including UI, HA and upgrades.

Please refer to the official SSL Orchestrator 7.0 release notes for detailed update information:


Please refer to the official SSL Orchestrator 7.1 release notes for details update information:


Please refer to the official SSL Orchestrator 7.2 release notes for details update information: