Access Policy Manager(APM) Solution Guides

The solutions documented on this site are designed to provide example configurations to address a given scenario.

Each solution has an accompanying guide that provides a detailed overview of the components used in the configuration and the workflow used in Visual Policy Editor.

To deploy a solution you must be logged into UDF ( From there you need to access the Access Labs and Solution Blueprint/Course. F5ers can access the blueprint directly from UDF without launching a course. If you are a partner or customer please reach out to your account team. They will be able to create a course for you to access the environment.

Proceed to the “Environment” Section to learn about the components in the blueprint and how to deploy solutions.

If a given topic is not highlighted currently on this page or something is incorrectly documented, please open an issue on the Access Solutions repo ( We will do our best to prioritize the development of the content based on demand.

If you would like to contribute, templates are also available for download from the templates folder in the repo.