Getting to Know the Environment

The Access Labs and & Solutions blueprint is the cornerstone of the Access SME team’s continuing effort to educate F5ers, partners, and customers on ways to efficiently use Access Policy Manager. This Blueprint is comprised of multiple components including Microsoft products, NGINX, Docker and Ansible just to name a few. This blueprint is under content revision in hopes to add additional capabilities for others to either consume existing solutions or to build new solutions that can be shared with the community.

The links below highlight core pieces of the blueprint so others can understand how to build new solutions in the environment and increasing this blueprints value to the community. If are planning to access the blueprint to deploy an existing solution it is recommended that you read the How to Deploy a Solution section prior to deploying a solution. This will be the baseline on how to work with the blueprint when deploying solutions. The individual solution guides should provide all the relevant documentation needed for that specific solution.

Lab Topology