Lab 2 – Start Baseline Traffic Generation

Task 1 – Create Protected Objects that the baseline traffic will be targeting

  • In the BIG-IP Configuration Utility, open the DoS Protection>>Quick Configuration page and in the Protected Objects section click Create.

  • Configure a protected object using the following information, and then click Create.

    Name Server5
    IP Address
    Port *
    Protocol All Protocols
    VLAN Any
    Protection Settings: Action Log and Mitigate
    Protection Settings: Silverline Yes (selected)
    Protection Settings: DDoS Settings IPv4, TCP,


  • This protected object will be used for Auto-Threshold


Task 2 – Run Scripts to start L4 traffic generation – Good Traffic

  • Putty SSH (use the shortcut) to open a shell to the good client system.

  • Login as user : ubuntu. The session is preconfigured to authenticate with a certificate.

  • Start the auto-threshold baselining script with:

    # sudo bash
    # cd ~/scripts
    # ./


Ignore the “sudo: unable to resolve host xjumpbox” when you issue the sudo bash command throughout the labs.