Step 12 - API analytics

There are several ways to check your API Analytics. Under the hood, both the API Definition and Published API are categorized as Applications with Components. You can see analytics for all of them at different levels.

Global Analytics for API Definitions

  1. In NGINX Controller -> Select Apps -> api-sentence-app.

  2. From here, you can see the analytics at the application level. This view covers all of the Published API analytics (v1 and v3). If you scroll down, you can see the two distinct Published APIs.

  3. You can go deeper into each individual component’s analytics if you select Components on the left side menu.

  4. You can then select individual components such as cp-colors-v3 to view a component’s metrics and latency:

  5. You can also view more fine grained performance analytics if you then click on the left menu on Critical Analytics



Feel free to navigate to the different analytics menus and understand the various analytics views.


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