Lab 2.1 - Using the included GIST you will set up and configure RKE 2 and NGINX Ingress Cotroller

To begin Ensure that your UDF pattern is fully operational by selecting the “Components” tab in your UDF pattern. All items in this view should have a greed bar allow the bottom.


All work for this lab should be completed in the “dev” system.

Complete the following

  • Ensure that he UDF pattern is fully active as mentioned above.
  • Connect to the “dev” system using the “Console” option in a new browser window or tab.


the login and password for all systems is located in the “Documentaion” tab of the UDF pattern.

  • Ensure that you have launched a Firefox window as well as a VSCode window.
  • From the “docs” folder in the bookmarks bar for Firefox follow the link to the GitHub GIST.
  • Follow the instrucions in the GIST to complete the remainder of the lab / training.


You now have the following:

  • Reviewed the GitHub GIST instructions
  • Created a new RKE 2 Cluster.
  • Deployed a light weight load balancing solution in the cluster
  • Installed the NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Contoller
  • Validated we have a public IP