Lab Environment & TopologyLab Environment & Topology


All work is done from the Linux Client, which can be accessed via RDP (Windows Remote Desktop). No installation or interaction with your local system is required.


Linux Client:

Web Attack Tools used in this lab:

Linux server:

  • JuiceShop - OWASP Juice Shop
    is probably the most modern and sophisticated insecure web application!

Lab Topology

The network topology implemented for this lab is very simple. The following components have been included in your lab environment:

  • 1 x Ubuntu Linux 20.04 client
  • 1 x F5 BIG-IP VE (v16.0.1) running Advanced WAF with Ip Intelligence & Threat Campaigns Subscription Services.
  • 1 x Ubuntu Linux 20.04 server

The following table lists VLANS, IP Addresses and Credentials for all components. The “password” will be provided by your instructor.

Component Mgmt IP ClientSide IP ServerSide IP Credentials
Linux Client N/A rdp-f5student:password

https - admin:password

ssh - f5student:password

Linux Server N/A ssh - f5student:password