Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.1.0
The iFile interface enables you to manipulate a local load balancer&aposs iFiles. iFiles provide the ability to load an external file into iRules that can be accessed by an iRule using the “ifile” command. To create an iFile, you must first create an iFile file object that loads the file into the system. Then use this interface to create the iFile that can be used by the iRule.


Method Description Introduced
create Creates a set of iFiles. BIG-IP_v11.1.0
delete_all_ifiles Deletes all iFiles. BIG-IP_v11.1.0
delete_ifile Deletes a set of iFiles. BIG-IP_v11.1.0
get_file_name Gets the iFile file object name for an iFile. BIG-IP_v11.1.0
get_list Gets a list of all iFiles on this device. BIG-IP_v11.1.0
get_version Gets the version information for this interface. BIG-IP_v11.1.0
set_file_name Sets the iFile file object name for an iFile. BIG-IP_v11.1.0


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