Client Installer Customization

The Component Installer service allows an administrator to customize the installation package by selecting the options and components required to be included with the various clients. It also enables customers to avoid complications arising from software not being signed by a trusted CA. This can trigger the Anti-Virus/Endpoint inspection, flagging F5 Access clients as untrusted, potentially leading to issues with viruses and malware.

After you install the Component Installer, it automatically installs and upgrades client-side APM components. It can also update itself. The Component Installer requires the installation or upgrade packages be signed using the F5 Networks certificate or another trusted certificate.

Follow the steps to customize the Client installer:

  1. Navigate to the Security > Access > Software Management path.

  2. On the Software Management page, click the Remote Access Clients tab. By default, there is no software installed.

  3. Ensure the software package is downloaded locally. For downloading the client’s package, access the software image packages from the downloads section of the MyF5 portal.

  4. Click the Upload button.

  5. On the Upload Software Image page, click the upload arrow to browse to upload the file or drag and drop to add the file.

  6. Click Upload. Uploading the file might take a few minutes.

  7. After the client software is installed, select the required software image checkbox.

  8. Click Install. A client software image installer page appears.

  9. Select the required one or more instances from the list of BIG-IP instances.

  10. Click Install. An alert box to install the client appears, click the Yes, Install button.

  11. Administrators can track the status of the installation under the Installation Status option. If the installation fails, you can click the Retry Installation to restart the installation process.

  12. Navigate to the Security > Policies. Click Create to create the access policy.

  13. Select the required policy type. Click Start from scratch. Click Next.

  14. On the Create Policy page, enter the name of the policy in the Policy Name field.

  15. Click Continue.

  16. Turn to the next tabs till the Connectivity tab. Keep the default values.

  17. On the Connectivity tab, select the BIG-IP Edge Client Installer from the Client Downloads drop-down.

  18. A Download Client Installer page appears.

  19. Under the Software and Platform Selection section, select the required apmclients package from the Software Package drop-down list.

  20. Select the required operating system from the Platform drop-down list. Available options are Windows and Mac.

  21. Under the Windows Logon Integration section, enter the name in the Phonebook Entry Name field. Keep the default values.

  22. Click Download. The Edge Client installer is downloaded locally on the Windows system.

  23. When the Mac platform is selected, additional settings are displayed. keep the default values.

  24. Click Download. The Edge Client installer is downloaded locally on the Macintosh system.

  25. Run the downloaded file to install the BIG-IP Edge Client application.

  26. A customised client software is installed.