Create BIG-IP Next instance template on VMware

BIG-IP Next instance deployment to VMware requires creating a predefined VM template in a VMware content library. You can create multiple VM templates for different BIG-IP Next OVA versions or varying virtualized hardware configurations. In this way, you can choose the BIG-IP Next VM template appropriate for deployment directly from the provider interface of BIG-IP Next Central Manager.

Task overview

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  • VMware VSphere

  • MyF5 credentials


Download and deploy OVA

  1. Download the appropriate version of the BIG-IP Next OVA from MyF5.

    1. Log in to MyF5.

    2. Scroll to Support Resources and click Downloads.

    3. Accept the EULA and click Next.

    4. Under Group, select BIG-IP_Next.

    5. Under Product Line, select Virtual Edition.

    6. Under Select a product container, choose the appropriate version.

    7. From Select a download file, select an OVA file.

    8. From the Download locations list, select a location.

    9. Click Download.

    10. Repeat these steps to also download the appropriate checksum file.

    11. Move the OVA file to a desired location.

  2. Log in to the VSphere Client.

  3. In the left navigation pane, select the folder where you want to store the OVA Template. Then, right-click on the folder and choose Deploy OVF Template

  4. Select the OVA template and click NEXT.

  5. Choose an approprate name and folder location and click NEXT.

  6. Select an appropriate compute resource and click NEXT.

  7. Review the deployment options and click NEXT.

  8. Select the storage location and click NEXT.

  9. Select the appropraite network configuration and click NEXT.

  10. Review the options and click NEXT.

VSphere will import and deploy the OVA. This may take several minutes.

Configure VM options

By default the OVA deploys with a single network interface. BIG-IP Next requires a minimum of one interface for management and one interface for traffic processing. Additional interfaces can be added as required.

  1. From the VSphere Client, right click the newly deployed BIG-IP Next VM, and select Edit Settings.
    Note that the VM has a single network adapter.

  2. Add at least one more and attach it to the approprate hypervisor network.

  3. Click OK.

Create Content Library

  1. From the VSphere client, click the contents menu (upper left corner of the page), and then click Content Libraries.

  2. Under Content Libraries, click Create.

  3. Name the content library and click NEXT.

  4. Under Configure Content Library, leave the default selection of Local content library and click NEXT.

  5. Under Apply Security Policy, click NEXT.

  6. Under Add Storage, select an appropriate storage location and click NEXT.

  7. Click FINISH.

  8. Click the contents menu and select Inventory to return to the default inventory view.

Clone BIG-IP Next VM to Content Library

  1. Right click the BIG-IP Next OVA image, then select Clone > Clone as Template to Library.

  2. Choose an appropriate name and folder for your template, then click NEXT.
    Note: Ensure that the Template type is set to VM Template, and use a unique name for the template that is different from the original VM.

  3. Under Location, select your newly created content library and click NEXT.

  4. Select an appropriate compute resource and click NEXT.

  5. Select an appropritae storage location and click NEXT.

  6. Review the options, then click FINISH.

VMware clones the template into the content library. This may take several minutes.

VM Template creation complete

The BIG-IP Next VM instance template in VSphere is now ready for use within a Provider from BIG-IP Next Central Manager.