Getting Started with BIG-IP Next

BIG-IP Next uses a combination of BIG-IP Next Central Manager, together with BIG-IP Next instances, to implement application delivery and security. The BIG-IP Next Central Manager manages the BIG-IP Next instances, assuming responsibility for all administrative and management tasks.

The BIG-IP Next instances, responsible for data processing, provide automation capabilities, scalability, and ease-of-use for organizations running applications on-premise, in the cloud, or out at the edge.


Getting Started with Installation

Note: You can use the F5 Postman Collection, which includes a variety of workflows, including onboarding BIG-IP Next Instances, Application lifecycle, troubleshooting, and more.

This diagram outlines the workflow for passing application traffic with BIG-IP Next. Begin by installing BIG-IP Next Central Manager, then create BIG-IP Next instances. BIG-IP Next Central Manager includes Provider functionality that automatically deploys BIG-IP Next instances on supported platforms.

%%{ init: { 'logLevel': 'debug', 'securityLevel': 'loose', 'theme': 'base', 'themeVariables': { 'fontSize': '16px', 'primaryColor': '#ECECFF', 'primaryTextColor': '#000000', 'primaryBorderColor': '#9370DB', 'lineColor': '#000000' } , 'flowchart': { 'defaultRenderer': 'elk'} } }%% graph TD INST-CM-VMWARE("<a>Install BIG-IP Next Central Manager on vSphere</a>") click INST-CM-VMWARE "cm_install_vmware.html" _blank INST-CM-VMWARE-->INST-NXT INST-NXT(Create BIG-IP Next Instance) INS-PROVIDER-VE(<a>Install BIG-IP Next Standalone Instance on vSphere</a>) click INS-PROVIDER-VE "../use_cm/cm_create_big_ip_next_ve_from_template.html" _blank INST-NXT--vSphere-->INS-PROVIDER-VE INS-PROVIDER-VE-->LIC LIC(<a>License BIG-IP Next</a>) click LIC "../use_cm/cm_license_bigip_next.html" _blank LIC-->CM_APPS(<a>Use BIG-IP Next Central Manager to Create and Deploy Apps</a>) click CM_APPS "../use_cm/index.html" _blank LIC-->CM_MIGRATE(<a>Migrate Existing Apps from BIG-IP</a>) click CM_MIGRATE "../use_cm/cm_device_migration_overview.html" _blank

BIG-IP Next compatibility matrix and memory requirements