How to: Using a BIG-IP Next instance log archive for troubleshooting


You can create and download a log archive for a BIG-IP Next instance to use to investigate and troubleshoot issues. For example, if an issue with a managed instance occurs during a certain time frame, you can query the log archive for events that have happened around a certain point in time.

You can create only one log archive file for each instance. Every new subsequent log archive file you create overwrites the last one.



  1. Log in to BIG-IP Next Central Manager.

  2. Click the Workspace icon next to the F5 logo and then click Infrastructure.

  3. Click the name of the BIG-IP Next instance you want to create or download a log archive for.
    The Properties panel opens.

  4. On the left, click Log Archive.

  5. To create a log archive, click Create New.
    You can create a new log archive only if you are a user with Administrator or Instance Manager permissions.

  6. To download a created log archive, click the Download button and then navigate to the downloaded log archive on your computer to review the log.