How to: Generate a QKView file for BIG-IP Next Central Manager and upload to F5 iHealth

A QKView file is a compressed archive that contains configuration and runtime data from the BIG-IP Next Central Manager.


  • You must have installed BIG-IP Next Central Manager.

  • You need an iHealth account.
    Note: iHealth is free but requires registering for an account if you do not already have one.


Generate a QKView file

To create a QKView file for a BIG-IP Next Central Manager, you run a CLI script.

  1. Log in as an administrator to the terminal console.

  2. Run the following to create the QKView:

    /opt/cm-bundle/cm qkview

    When run successfully, this produces output that ends with a message similar to:

    info: QKView archive created at /opt/cm-QKView/QKView.<20220321-181700>.tgz
  3. Copy the QKView file from the BIG-IP Next Central Manager to your computer so that you can send it to F5 support. Use a command similar to:

    scp admin@<BIG-IP Next Central Manager IP address>:/opt/cm-qkview/qkview.<20220321-181700>.tgz .

Upload a QKView file to iHealth

Upload your QKView file to iHealth so that you can view the collected configuration and runtime data.

  1. Navigate to
    The link redirects to the F5 Login page.

  2. Log in using your Email and Password.
    F5 iHealth opens.

  3. On the top left of the page, click Upload.
    Upload a QKView displays.

  4. Next to File(s), click Choose.

  5. Navigate to the QKView file that you created on the BIG-IP Next Central Manager, select it, and click Open.

  6. Click Upload QKView(s).
    On the main iHealth window, the extraction process starts.

  7. When the file extraction finishes, you can use the iHealth user interface to view the collected configuration and runtime data.

Note: For a backup option without using BIG-IP Central Manager, see: How to: Generate & download a QKView file for BIG-IP Next and upload to F5 iHealth or Support