How to: Generate & download a QKView file for BIG-IP Next and upload to F5 iHealth or Support


You can generate and download a QKView file and then upload to F5 iHealth or Support.

Determine where to upload:

  • iHealth: to verify the proper operation of your BIG-IP Next system.

  • Support: to aid in troubleshooting an issue.


Generate a QKView file

  1. Login:

    GET  https://{{bigip_next_mgmt_floating_ip}}:5443/api/v1/login
  2. Create a QKView, including a name:


    PUT  https://{{bigip_next_mgmt_floating_ip}}:5443/api/v1/qkview
      "name": "qkview_se3prod"
  3. Optional: View the status of the job:


    GET  https://{{bigip_next_mgmt_floating_ip}}:5443/api/v1/jobs/{{LAST_JOB_ID}}

    (2). Scroll down to status.

Download a QKView file

  1. After generating a QKView, then download by first making a request to /files:

    GET  https://{{bigip_next_mgmt_floating_ip}}:5443/api/v1/files
  2. Search for the file ID corresponding to the QKView.

  3. Make a request to /files/<ID of the file to download>/download



    GET  https://{{bigip_next_mgmt_floating_ip}}:5443/api/v1/files/{{QKVIEW_FILE_ID}}/download

    (2). To retrive the QKView of the BIG-IP, select the Send drop-down, and then click Send and Download.

  4. Navigate to Downloads and save the file on your computer.

Upload a QKView file to iHealth

  1. Click
    Redirects to the F5 Login page.

  2. Type your Email and Password, and click Login.
    F5 iHealth opens.

    Note: BIG-IP iHealth is free but requires registering for an account, if you do not already have one.

  3. Click Upload.
    Upload a QKView displays.

  4. Next to File(s), click Choose.

  5. Go to the saved QKView file (previously generated/created in steps above), select it, and click Open.

  6. Click Upload QKView(s).
    Back on the main iHealth window, the Extraction process starts.

Upload a QKView file to Support

  1. Access Support Files

    Permanent account holders
    (1). In the upper-right corner of the AskF5 home page, select My Support.
    If you have not already logged in, you are prompted to do so.
    (2). Under Service Requests, select the service request for which you want to upload or download files.
    (3). On the right side of the Service Request Details section, select Manage Attachments.
    The F5 Support Files site opens in a new window.

    Temporary users access
    (1). Go to the F5 Support Files site and login with the credentials provided by a permanent account holder.

  2. Upload a QKView file using a web browser

    (1). On the Home folder page, select the folder for the service request you want.
    (2). Select Incoming (upload to F5).
    (3). In the upper-right corner of the Upload to F5 page, select the Upload files icon.
    (4). In the Upload files dialog box, select Browse.
    (5). In the Open dialog box, go to the QKView file you want to upload, point at it with your cursor, select the check box that displays, and when you are finished selecting, select Open.
    Either a success or failure notification displays. When an upload fails, close the notification and try again.
    (6). In the Upload Files dialog box, select Done.
    Note: You cannot see the files in the folder after uploading them.