Last updated on: 2024-03-26 06:01:13.

Encrypt F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition instancesΒΆ

AWS Marketplace prevents you from directly encrypting images. For encrypting F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) images, F5 recommends using the F5 BIG-IP Image Generator Tool on GitHub, which will auto-publish that image in AWS.


You can encrypt only BYOL BIG-IP VE images.

Use the following steps to create your BIG-IP VE image for AWS and encrypt that image:

  1. Follow the procedure for generating an image using the F5 BIG-IP Image Generator Tool for AWS.
  2. In the AWS console, in the left menu under Images, click AMIs.
  3. Sort the list using the AMIs made by me column option, and then select the image you generated using the F5 Image Generator tool.
  4. Click Action, select Copy AMI, and then select the Encryption check box.
  5. Expand the Master Key drop-down menu and select your key from the list.
  6. Click Copy AMI. Your copied image is now encrypted for use in AWS.