F5 ACI ServiceCenter User and Deployment Guide

The F5 ACI ServiceCenter enables visibility, L2-L3 stitching, and L4-L7 app services between BIG-IP and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

By using the F5 ACI ServiceCenter app, you can add, manage, and log in to multiple BIG-IP systems.

Feature Capability
Visibility View BIG-IP network elements like VLANs, VIPs, and nodes, and correlate them with APIC information like Tenant | App | EPG.
L2-L3 Stitching Facilitates L2-L3 stitching between APIC logical devices and BIG-IP (CRUD operations for VLAN, self IP, and default gateway).
L4-L7 App Services

Create custom application definitions, with the ability to Dry-run and Submit the declaration.

It has two sub-tasks:

  1. BIG-IP: Enables creation of BIG-IP AS3 declaration by:
    1. Writing the declaration JSON in provided text box or
    2. Uploading AS3 declaration file
  2. Application: Enables AS3 application management with features
    1. Create/delete a partition on BIG-IP
    2. Create/update/delete application on BIG-IP

For support for the F5 ACI ServiceCenter app, file an issue on Github.

To download the F5 ACI ServiceCenter app, go to Cisco DC App Center.

For details on supported versions, see Support.