Troubleshooting BIG-IP ACC

Use this section to read about common troubleshooting steps associated with BIG-IP ACC.

Object Name Collisions (_dup)

Although there are instances where BIG-IP will tolerate multiple objects with the same name (e.g. a Pool and Service both named /Common/testItem), these objects do not meet the BIG-IP AS3 validation schema. As a result, the converter will add _dup to duplicate object name and will handle the object’s properties and dependencies. Due to the large number of BIG-IP AS3 supported objects, it is difficult to convert all objects with duplicate names.

Objects with beginning with alpha numeric values will be renamed to: <type>_<object>_<dup>
Objects beginning with numeric values such as ipaddress, will be renamed to: <type>_<object>

Currently supported BIG-IP AS3 objects:
ltm pool
ltm profile
ltm virtual
ltm rule
ltm policy
ltm monitor

Currently supported numeric values:
ltm virtual
ltm pool
ltm monitor


This list may be extended on request. If a non-supported object has been found, simply notify and skip any identically named objects.

Due to the more-restrictive BIG-IP AS3 schema, there are two transformations applied to object names while they are being converted. Each transformation has the potential to introduce new collisions.

See also

BIG-IP AS3 Schema Reference for more information.

Error response from daemon: Drive has not been shared

If you are using Windows, and you receive a message such as:
Error response from daemon: Drive has not been shared.,
Error loading conf/SCF file, please check the filepath., or
Error extracting specified UCS, please check the file path.
You may need to share the drive or update your shared drive credentials.
Go to the Docker Desktop application and click the Shared Drives tab. Verify the drive you are executing the command on is shared.
Whenever your Windows password changes, you need to click Reset credentials, reselect the shared drive, click Apply, and re-enter your credentials.


Windows commands are for the Windows Command prompt (cmd) and do not work on Powershell.

If you are using RHEL or SELinux, you may need to use :Z on the mount directory.
For example: docker run --rm -v "$PWD":/app/data:Z -p 8080:8080 f5-automation-config-converter:1.0.0  serve
The BIG-IP ACC container runs as the “node” user, not as root. This can prevent BIG-IP ACC from having permissions to create a new file outside of the container.
Create the output file prior to running BIG-IP ACC and change the permissions on it.
Note: This will open read/write permissions on the output file.

  • touch output.json
  • chmod a+rw output.json
  • Convert declaration as normal.