Lab 2.5: Test access privileges for the user with the custom role


Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes

Lab environment access

If you have not yet visited the page Getting Started, please do so.


Test user nsadmin on the access privileges for the custom resource groups assigned.

  1. Log out the admin user from the right upper corner, and log back into the BIG-IQ with the user “nsadmin” and password “nsadmin”, and select Local from Auth Provider list.


  1. Click on upper left tab “Configuration”, select Security > Network Security > Rule Lists and select any rule from the list.

Note that you do not have option/permission to delete a Rule List object.


  1. Select Address Lists on the left and select any address list object.

Note that you also do not have permission to delete an address list.


  1. Select Port List on the left and select any entry in the list.

    Note that you do have the permission to Clone, Delete and Rename the object.