Get Started

Lab environment

  • For the session “name of session” click on green ‘View’ button

  • Click on ‘Details’ a pop up windows with Session Details will show up. Scroll below on the session details.

  • Locate the AnyConnect Credentials and use AnyConnect on your local device to connect to the lab.


Your credentials will defer from what is mentioned in the screen shot

If you do not have a AnyConnect hard client you can login via the browser as well.

Your hostname might differ from the example

  • Once VPN connection is sucessful then RDP to the windows client.

  • Back to the Details section on the main session page you will see the topology with various end points. Hover over each end point to locate the login credentials

    • Hover over the wkst1 icon to get login credentails of the windows remote desktop


    • From your local device RDP to the windows workstation

    • Once RDP session is successful the lab exercises will be executed from the RDP session

For guidance: IP and credentials are mentioned below but each of the components below has a shortcut located on the RDP client

Name IP Credentials Remarks
RDP client username: dcloud\demouser password: C1sco12345  
BIG-IP admin/admin Bookmark in RDP browser
APIC admin/C1sco12345 Bookmark in RDP browser
Linux Host root/C1sco12345 Session saved in Putty

The next few sections will go over the following in sequence

  • What L2-L3 APIC configuration is pre-configured and what L4-L7 configuration needs to be done
  • Navigate the F5 ACI ServiceCenter application and work through the different use cases
  • Look at how we can use API’s using POSTMAN to execute workflows
  • Use Ansible playbooks to automate tasks using F5 ACI ServiceCenter
  • Look at different F5 deployment options