Step 2 - Install the NGINX Controller agent software on the NGINX instanceΒΆ

In order to link an NGINX Plus instance to NGINX Controller, we need to run the NGINX Controller agent installer.


  1. Login to the NGINX Controller instance Controller v3.16.1 by selecting Controller UI in UDF Access menu, use admin@nginx-udf.internal as your email and admin123! as your password.

  2. Select Add an existing instance.


    Your NGINX Plus instance already exists, we just need to link it with NGINX Controller.

  3. Enter a Name, e.g. nginx1.

  4. Check the box Allow insecure server connections to NGINX Controller using TLS.

  5. Copy the curl command in the command box:

  6. SSH (or WebSSH) to the Nginx-1 - API Gw instance.

  7. Paste the curl command and execute it. Enter y at every confirmation prompt.

  8. After few seconds, the command will succeed and the instance will appear in NGINX Controller.

  9. In NGINX Controller, click close if you are still in the instance creation page, and look at your first instance linked within NGINX Controller:



    Wait till the status changes from Configuring to Running. If the status is stuck in the Configuring state, force the NGINX Controller agent to restart in the Nginx-1 instance as below:

    sudo service nginx restart
    sudo service controller-agent restart


This instance can now be used as an NGINX Controller gateway.