Step 11 - Push API documentation into the API DevPortal

Create the API DevPortal

  1. Select APIs -> Dev Portals -> Create Dev Portal. Use the following values:
    1. Name: portal-api-sentence
    2. Environment: env-prod
    3. Gateways: devportal-gw
    4. Published APIs: Select All
    5. Click Next
    6. Brand Name: API Sentence
  2. Click Submit


At this stage, the Nginx-2 instance has been configured as an NGINX Web Server with the API Sentence documentation.


The documentation is part of the OpenAPI file we imported at the early steps when we created the API Definition. You can check it here: If you look at the OAS spec file, you’ll notice some examples. These examples are used by the API DevPortal to automatically generate the API documentation.

    value: '{"name":"lake","coordinates":[-142.28261413,53.28261413]}'