Lab 1.9: Interception RuleΒΆ

Interception rules are based on the selected topology and define the "listeners", analogous to LTM virtual servers, that accept and process different types of traffic (ex. TCP, UDP, other). The resulting LTM virtual servers will bind the SSL settings, VLANs, IPs, and security policies created in the topology workflow.

  • Ingress Network (VLANs) - this defines the VLANs through which traffic will enter. For a transparent forward proxy topology, this would be a client-side VLAN. Select client-net and move it to the right-hand side.

  • L7 Interception Rules - FTP and email protocol traffic are all "server-speaks-first" protocols, and therefore SSLO must process these separately from typical client-speaks-first protocols like HTTP. This selection enables processing of each of these protocols, which create separate port-based listeners for each. As required, selectively enable the additional protocols that need to be decrypted and inspected through SSLO.


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