Class 5: Agility 2020 - SSLO 201: More SSL Orchestrator Use CasesΒΆ

As organizational requirements change, so does the need to update security polices and apply additional features to existing F5 SSL Orchestrator deployments. There is no need to fear required maintenance and regular upkeep of your security strategy. Maintenance can be performed within the SSLO Dashboard. It also provides enhanced statistical information which needed to differentiate between normal and abnormal traffic.

In this lab, you will learn to navigate the SSL Orchestrator Dashboard, tune Security Polices, and add Authentication to allow access to an Outbound SSL Orchestrator topology by:

  • Establishing baselines to accurately determine anomalies or security events
  • Modifying existing SSL Orchestrator configurations to keep up with business and security demands
  • Integrating authentication and group membership checks to customize user experiences

Expected time to complete: 2 hours