SSLO 101: Essential SSL Visibility with SSL Orchestrator (Agility 2022 | 2 hours)ΒΆ


Requires UDF Blueprint: "Agility 2022 - SSL Orchestrator 101"

BIG-IP 16.1 / SSL Orchestrator 9.2

As the volume of data continues to grow at a rapid pace, more organizations are deploying Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) solutions to encrypt data in transit. This is a great win for security overall to help protect privacy and prevent data breaches. However, cyber criminals are also using SSL/TLS channels to propagate malware and exfiltrate data. They know that they can bypass traditional security inspection solutions, which may not have the ability to inspect encrypted traffic.

The F5 SSL Orchestrator solution maximizes network traffic visibility, security, and reduces infrastructure efficiencies by:

  • Effectively decrypting and inspecting SSL/TLS traffic
  • Applying a policy-driven approach to intelligently steer traffic flows through security service chains
  • Supporting multiple deployment modes for flexibility in integrating with complex architectures

Attend this lab to get a hands-on introduction to the F5 SSL Orchestrator solution.

Expected time to complete: 2 hours