Module 3 - Create an Explicit Forward Proxy SSLOΒΆ

SSL Orchestrator creates discreet, non-overlapping interception rules (listeners) based on the selected topology. For example, the explicit forward proxy workflow minimally creates an explicit proxy listener and relying transparent proxy listener attached to the explicit proxy tunnel. If a separate transparent proxy workflow was created, the resulting listener would not conflict with or overlap the existing transparent proxy listener. Therefore, assuming a transparent forward proxy already exists from Module 1, the following workflow will create a separate set of non-overlapping listeners to satisfy an explicit forward proxy use case.


This lab will consist of an abbreviated set of steps, as all of the objects created in Module 1 (SSL settings, services, service chains and security policies) will be fully re-usable here. If any of these objects have not been created, please review Module 1 - Create a Transparent Forward Procy SSLO for more detailed configuration instructions.