Introduced : BIG-IP_v9.0
The ASM module contains the Application Security Manager interfaces that enable you to get information on and work with the components, attributes, and security policies associated with the ASM module.






A struct that represents the “apply learning” setting.


A struct that represents the overall DoS setting.


A struct that represents the “dynamic sessions in URL” setting.


A struct that describes a file transfer context.


A struct that represents a logging profile.


A struct that represents the “logging remote storage” setting.


A struct that represents the “logging remote storage base” setting which contains mandatory members for the most expandable remote storage.


A struct that represents the “logging request search” setting.


A struct that represents the “logging storage filter” setting.


A struct that represents the “logging storage format” setting.


A struct that represents a file type


A struct that represents return value structure of sigfile update


A struct that represents violations


A struct that represents severity settings of a violation.


A struct that represents a policy group. This is only used in contexts in which the “ungrouped” special group is relevant. Otherwise, the group is represented by its name.


A struct that represents a URL


Enumeration Description
ApplyLearningType A list of “apply learning” types
DosDetectionMode A list of “DoS detection mode” types
DosOperationMode A list of “DoS operation mode” types
DynamicSessionsInUrlType A list of “dynamic sessions in URL” types
FlagState A list of “flag state” types
LoggingLogicOperation A list of “logging logic operation” types
LoggingRemoteFacility A list of “logging remote facility” types
LoggingRemoteProtocol A list of “logging remote storage protocol” types
LoggingRemoteStorageType A list of “logging remote storage type”
LoggingRequestSearchTarget A list of “logging request search target” types
LoggingRequestType A list of “logging request type”
LoggingStorageFormatType A list of “logging storage format type”
PolicyTemplate A list of policy templates
ProtocolType A list of “protocol type”
SeverityName A list of “logging severities” types
ViolationName A list of violation names
WebApplicationLanguage A list of languages


Exception Description


Constant Type Value Description


Alias Type Description
ApplyLearningSequence ApplyLearning [] A sequence of “apply learning” settings
DosDetectionModeSequence DosDetectionMode [] A sequence of “DoS detection mode” settings
DosOperationModeSequence DosOperationMode [] A sequence of “DoS operation mode” settings
DosSequence Dos [] A sequence of DoS settings
DynamicSessionsInUrlSequence DynamicSessionsInUrl [] A sequence of “dynamic sessions in URL” settings
LoggingLogicOperationSequence LoggingLogicOperation [] A sequence of “logging logic operation” settings
LoggingProfileDefinitionSequence LoggingProfileDefinition [] A sequence of logging profiles
LoggingRemoteFacilitySequence LoggingRemoteFacility [] A sequence of “logging remote log facility” settings
LoggingRemoteProtocolSequence LoggingRemoteProtocol [] A sequence of “logging remote protocol” settings
LoggingRemoteStorageBaseSequence LoggingRemoteStorageBase [] A sequence of “logging remote storage base” settings
LoggingRequestSearchSequence LoggingRequestSearch [] A sequence of “logging request search” settings
LoggingRequestTypeSequence LoggingRequestType [] A sequence of “logging request type” settings
LoggingStorageFormatSequence LoggingStorageFormat [] A sequence of “logging storage format” settings
ObjectTypeTypeSequence ObjectTypeType [] A sequence of “ObjectTypeType” settings
ObjectTypeTypeSequenceSequence ObjectTypeType [] [] A sequence of “ObjectTypeTypeSequence” settings
PolicyTemplateSequence PolicyTemplate [] A sequence of policy templates
PolicyTemplateSequenceSequence PolicyTemplate [] [] A sequence of policy template sequences
ProtocolTypeSequence ProtocolType [] A sequence of “ProtocolType” settings
ViolationSequence Violation [] A sequence of “Violation” settings.
ViolationSequenceSequence Violation [] [] A sequence of “ViolationSequence” settings.
ViolationSeveritySequence ViolationSeverity [] A sequence of “ViolationSeverity” settings.
WebApplicationGroupDefinitionSequence WebApplicationGroupDefinition [] A sequence of policy groups
WebApplicationLanguageSequence WebApplicationLanguage [] A sequence of policy languages
WebObjectTypeSequence WebObjectType [] A sequence of “WebObjectType” settings
WebObjectTypeSequenceSequence WebObjectType [] [] A sequence of “WebObjectTypeSequence” settings

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