This event is triggered (once for TCP and unique UDP/IP flows) after packet filters, but before any AFM and TMM work occurs. The use cases for this event are:
  • Override ACL action
  • Bandwidth control on both client/server flows
  • Routing to another Vip
  • Marking qos tos/dscp on both client/server flows

Commands supported within this new event:

Note: Static:: variables and Datagroups have been tested successfully under 11.5.1/11.6.0. Under 11.5.0, tables silently fail


Allow US/Canada users, drop Great Britain, Reject all others.
when FLOW_INIT {
    set ipaddr [IP::client_addr]
    set locale [whereis $ipaddr country]
    log local0. "IP Address/Counry $ipaddr/$locale"
    switch $locale {
        "US" -
        "CA" { return }
        "GB" { ACL::action drop }
        default { ACL::action reset }

Allow traffic from and forward to vip /Common/my_http_vs
when FLOW_INIT {
  if { [IP::addr [IP::client_addr] equals] } {
    ACL::action allow
    virtual /Common/my_http_vs
    log "FLOW_INIT: ACL allow to /Common/my_http_vs"