Documentation for tmsh scripting Commands.

Master list of tmsh commands

  • script::help - Scripts can provide the procedure script::help.
  • script::init - Called before script::run, script::help and script::tabc.
  • script::run - invokes the procedure script::run when you issue the tmsh shell command run cli script “”name””
  • script::tabc - A script may provide the script::tabc procedure.
  • tmsh::add_help - Displays context sensitive help when the user types a questions mark (?).
  • tmsh::add_tabc - This command can be used to add tab completion datasets.
  • tmsh::argc - Contains the number of arguments including the name of the script.
  • tmsh::argv - Contains the list of argument values, of which the script name is always the first list item.
  • tmsh::begin_transaction - Begins an update transaction.
  • tmsh::builtin_help - Presents the same results as typing a question mark (?) while entering a tmsh command.
  • tmsh::builtin_tabc - Allows your custom script to display the same tab completion results as a built in command
  • tmsh::cancel_transaction - Cancels all commands that you have issued since the last issuance of tmsh::begin_transaction.
  • tmsh::clear_screen - Clears the screen
  • tmsh::commit_transaction - Runs the commands that have been issued since the last issuance of tmsh::begin_transaction.
  • tmsh::create - Mirrors the tmsh create command.
  • tmsh::csh - a Tcl string variable that can be used to determine context.
  • tmsh::delete - Mirrors the tmsh delete command
  • tmsh::display - Provides access to the tmsh pager
  • tmsh::display_threshold - Allows you to re-enable a display-threshold in your script
  • tmsh::get_config - Returns a list of configuration items as Tcl objects.
  • tmsh::get_field_names - Returns a list of field names present in an object.
  • tmsh::get_field_value - Retrieves the value of the field name.
  • tmsh::get_name - Returns the object identifier associated with the object.
  • tmsh::get_status - Returns a list of config item statuses as Tcl objects.
  • tmsh::get_type - Returns the type identifier associated with the object.
  • tmsh::include - Runs the Tcl command eval on the specified script
  • tmsh::list - Runs the command list using the specified arguments.
  • tmsh::log - Logs the specified message.
  • tmsh::log_dest - Specifies where the system sends events.
  • tmsh::log_level - Specifies the default severity level.
  • tmsh::modify - Runs the command modify using the specified arguments.
  • tmsh::reset_stats - Runs the command reset-stats using the specified arguments
  • tmsh::show - Runs the command show using the specified arguments.
  • tmsh::stateless - Modifies the behavior of tmsh::create and tmsh::delete
  • tmsh::version - Returns the version number of the BIG-IP system as a Tcl string
  • tmsh::cd - Changes the current working directory.
  • tmsh::pwd - Returns the current working directory.


For the full traffic management shell reference, see F5 TMSH Reference

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