tmsh::csh is a Tcl string variable that can be used in the procedure script::init to determine the context in which the procedure script::init was invoked. tmsh::csh is set to one of the following:
  • QMARK - Indicates that the user typed a question mark (?) (verified version 11.6.1)
  • TABC - Indicates the user typed Tab.
  • Empty string - Indicates the script is being run.




proc script::init {} {

    if {$tmsh::csh eq ""} {
        # script::run is going to be called next, no init required for csh,
        # setup for the script to be run
    elseif {$tmsh::csh eq "TABC"} {
        # script::tabc is going to be called next,
        # setup any global state required for tab completion
    else {
        # script::help is going to be called next,
        # setup any global state required to display "?" help

Sample Code

Introduced: BIGIP-10.1


For the full traffic management shell reference, see F5 TMSH Reference

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