Displays context sensitive help when the user types a questions mark (?). If you supply one argument, that argument displays as is with no formatting applied to the description. If you supply three arguments, one or more datasets are constructed. The first argument is the name of the dataset. The second argument is an item in the dataset. The third argument is a description of the item. Note that this command has an effect only if the Tcl variable tmsh::csh is set to question mark (?).


tmsh::add_help [ [category item description] | [description] ]


proc script::help { } {
   tmsh::add_help "Create a pool with contiguous member addresses\n\
       "<pool name> <first member> <count>"


root@ltm1(Active)(tmos)# run cli script new.tcl ?
Create a pool with contiguous member addresses
 <pool name> <first member> <count>