TMSH Help Commands


Use the following commands to create a script tha provides context sensitve help when a user types Tab or question mark (?).

Command List

  • script::help - Scripts can provide the procedure script::help.
  • script::tabc - A script may provide the script::tabc procedure.
  • tmsh::add_help - Displays context sensitive help when the user types a questions mark (?).
  • tmsh::add_tabc - This command can be used to add tab completion datasets.
  • tmsh::builtin_help - Presents the same results as typing a question mark (?) while entering a tmsh command.
  • tmsh::builtin_tabc - Allows your custom script to display the same tab completion results as a built in command
  • tmsh::csh - a Tcl string variable that can be used to determine context.


For the full traffic management shell reference, see F5 TMSH Reference

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